Elena Kudryavtseva is a partner, leads the practice of arbitration proceedings, and is also responsible for supporting bankruptcy proceedings.
Elena has a higher legal education (Master’s Degree in MGIMO in Civil and Commercial Law). Elena is also the author of numerous articles on the application of civil liability measures: “Responsibility of the parties for failure to perform or improper performance of the construction contract in Russia and Germany”, “Peculiarities of legal regulation of contractual relations in Russia and Germany”, “Consequences of unilateral refusal of the customer from performance contract of work” and others.
Prior to joining the STATUT Group, Elena rose from legal counsel to the head of the Yamalgazinvest claims and lawsuits department. The total amount of satisfied claims with Elena’s participation amounted to more than 600 million rubles.
During the time Elena worked, she implemented the following key projects: full legal support of the construction of the Myshkinskaya and Privodskaya compressor stations, the SRTO-Torzhok line, including the entering into contracts, judicial representation, communication with state bodies; collection of debts and penalties in the amount of more than 330 million rubles, as part of the contract for refurbishment of the Nagatinsky Bridge in Moscow, legal support for the lease of the Reutov Trade Center, admission of assignment agreements worth more than 300 million rubles, and completed bankruptcy of LLC “Cheremushkinsky market.”