Corporate practice

People forget how fast you did a job-but they remember how well you did it.

H. Newton


In the process of the of commercial organizations activity, sooner or later one face questions related to the introduction of changes in the information about the organization (executive board change, introduction of additional types of activities, changes in members, reorganization, liquidation, etc.), which require the attention of a lawyer in corporate law . And in general, corporate legal work is an activity associated with the development and adoption of management decisions that are aimed at achieving the best result in business. Therefore, the lawyer, along with the company’s management, is responsible for its stable functioning.

Services in corporate activity support:

  • drafting constituent documents and other regulatory documents governing corporate governance
  • preparing and holding of Boards of Directors meetings, meetings of shareholders
  • serving as corporate secretary
  • drafting documents regulating the activities of members of the board of directors, including remuneration
  • accompanying registration of changes in the constituent documents, CEO change
  • establishing an effective corporate structure of a group of companies in order to minimize risks and ensure high liquidity
  • developing corporate governance scheme, including development of internal regulations, optimization of document circulation
  • supporting transactions with shares, shares
  • establishing, reorganizing and liquidating legal entities, including branches and separate subdivisions
  • optimizing activities of legal and other company departments, as well as business units responsible for document circulation