Our history

For me it does not matter which side force; it is important whose side right.
Victor Hugo


LLC STATUT Group is a Russian consulting company established for legal support of business in Russia and abroad.

The company’s history began in 1991 when a group of professional lawyers and financiers decided to join forces under the auspices of the LLC STATUT Group to provide the best solutions to complex issues and business challenges. Working in the market of legal services for more than 20 years, partners and experts of LLC STATUT Group have made the interests of the Client our priority.

Our experience allows us to objectively assess the situation, find the best solutions and perform at the highest level.

Our priority is the principle of legality and the fulfillment of undertaken obligations. We work in close cooperation with our partner offices: foreign consulting, national expert, valuation, audit, insurance, accounting companies. Strong partnership relations allow us to solve any problems.

We value the trust of our Clients and strictly observe the requirements of financial, commercial, banking and tax confidentiality. All information provided to us by the Client is strictly confidential. In our work we rely on deep knowledge of the law and vast practical experience.

We know each other well, we are confident in ourselves, in our professional knowledge and skills, and this allows us to guarantee the high-quality execution of the assigned tasks.

Our key legal practices are:

  • tax optimization
  • legal support of investment projects
  • patent attorney service
  • legal support of corporate issues
  • support of procurement procedures
  • personnel records management and personnel audit
  • arbitration and trials